Review: NYX Liquid Lip Products

Liquid lipstick is the current ‘thing’, and for obvious reasons, I find that many give a much more intense payoff and controllable application than a normal lipstick. There are a lot of beautiful products on the market, however, with my withering student budget I am always looking for affordable alternatives. That is where Nyx comes in as my shining knight on a white horse and carriage. Nyx liquid lip products are exceptionally inexpensive and dangerously so – it takes a lot of my strength not to purchase more. There is a fantastic variety of colours and a few different ranges, so a lot to choose from. Although I don’t own every colour, I recently expanded my collection and have been trying them out over the past few weeks – here are my thoughts:

Links are in the titles. If you’re from the US you can purchase your NYX products here.

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Price – £5.50 ($6.00)
Colours – Copenhagen (dark berry pink) and Transylvania (very dark warm toned purple).
Finish – what they say on the tin: very matte.
Application – Copenhagen applies very smoothly and doesn’t seem to settle into the creases in my lips. However, I found Transylvania to be the opposite as it was very clumpy and almost gloopy.
Opacity – Copenhagen was relatively opaque, however I did find it useful to layer with another coat as soon as it dried. Once again, Transylvania let me down with a very patchy application that was difficult to rectify with another coat.
Feel – they both felt quite heavy on the lips, particularly Transylvania. They also felt increasingly tight and drying throughout the day, but not to an unbearable extent.
Duration – they both stay on reasonably well, however I did find that the centre of my lips would wear away within a few hours.
Verdict – I love Copenhagen and wear it quite often. I really wouldn’t recommend Transylvania. Whilst the colour is really cool, the texture isn’t up to standard. I would love to try out some lighter colours as I’ve heard that they are much more comfortable.

Lip Lingerie

Price – £6.50 ($7.00)
Colours – Beauty Mark (warm toned brown) and Bedtime Flirt (peachy pink with brown tones – could be classed as a nude but comes up a bit darker on my fair skin).
Finish – very matte.
Application – nice, smooth application. They settle in the creases a little, but this isn’t too noticeable for me.
Opacity – not great. Both are quite patchy, particularly Beauty Mark. However, I found them to be fine with two light coats.
Feel – they feel so lightweight, it almost didn’t feel like I was even wearing Bedtime Flirt. They aren’t particularly drying either.
Duration – they both lasted a really long time. I wore them for more than 5 hours without a lot of flaking and wearing. I also found almost no transfer onto my drink bottle – wow.
Verdict – Bedtime Flirt is a particular favourite of mine. Beauty Mark is also quite good, but is let down by the patchiness.

Liquid Suede

Price – £6.50 ($7.00)
Colours – Soft Spoken (dusky pink with peachy undertones) and Vintage (dusty dark red with mauve tones).
Finish – primarily matte with a very slight polish.
Application – beautifully smooth application and easy to control.
Opacity – I found both to have great opacity and the colours are really intense. No patchiness.
Feel – they don’t dry as fully as the Soft Matte’s and the Lip Lingerie’s and they feel quite thick on the lips. However, they do feel very comfortable. There was a build-up of product on the inner corners of my lips, but this was easily removed without ruining the look.
Duration – fabulous. I wore these for at least five hours without fading or cracking and during this time I ate (relatively dry food) and drank.
Verdict – my favourites of the matte finishes (although they are not fully matte). They feel quite nourishing on my lips and the longevity is a huge plus.

Intense Butter Gloss

Price – £5.50 ($6.00)
Colour – Chocolate Crepe (darkish mauve pink)
Finish – high shine gloss without compromising pigmentation.
Application – silky smooth and only one coat is necessary.
Opacity – the colour really is intense. I’ve heard the lighter colours from this range are a little streaky, but Chocolate Crepe is gorgeously pigmented.
Feel – very comfortable. Predictably, due to the gloss finish, the product feels nourishing. It is a little sticky, but it is a gloss.
Duration – the colour and finish had amazing duration. There was surprisingly little transfer of product when I was drinking and unlike a matte product, it was very easy to reapply without having to remove and start from scratch. My one issue was hair getting stuck to my lips but, once again, that’s a given with a gloss.
Verdict – I’m usually drawn to matte products but I think I’ve been swayed. I’m dying to try out some other colours. I’m telling you – glosses are the way forward!

image1 (2)
From top to bottom: Chocolate Crepe, Vintage, Bedtime Flirt, Soft Spoken, Beauty Mark. Please bear in mind that skin tone can change the look of the colour quite dramatically! (Unfortunately I’ve left my Soft Mattes at uni but you should be able to find good swatches with a google search.)

Please remember that these are my own opinions and you may very well have a completely different experience with these products. I also want to underline that I prepped my lips for these liquid lipsticks using Grace’s tips here – the outcome may have been quite different if I hadn’t done so. If you have any different experiences, colour recommendations or know of any similar products feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading.

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