Skincare Products & Ingredients to Avoid

So for a while I’ve been trying to perfect my skincare routine and this has meant a lot of researching and digging for tips and tricks. I’m going to be honest, I’m a sucker for a hype or an ad campaign, but I’ve decided that this has got to stop. During my skincare journey I have discovered a lot of ingredients and products that should be avoided and I’ve been dying to share this new found knowledge. So here is my list of no-goes*.

This one is probably kind of obvious. It’s going to be in a lot of skincare products (and that’s ok), but you need to make sure it isn’t high up on the ingredient list. If it’s within the first few ingredients listed, ditch it! It might make your pores look smaller, but it’s incredibly drying and harsh. Don’t put your skin through that torture, you deserve better!

Mineral Oil
I only discovered this one recently. I’d been using a Palmers moisturiser for months, thinking it was doing wonders for my skin. At the same time, I was wondering why my skin would dry out so much throughout the day. Being the skincare genius I am, it didn’t cross my mind that it could have anything to do with my moisturiser – why would a moisturiser dry out my skin? Right? Wrong. Very wrong. Mineral oil (which also might be listed as petrolatum or paraffinum liquidum) isn’t great at absorbing into your skin. It’ll most likely sit on the surface looking pretty and luscious for a couple of hours. Look for moisturisers with plant or fruit based oils – they’re much more penetrating.

Shea Butter
This applies mostly to those who suffer with a lot of acne and/or oily/combination skin. Shea butter has quite a thick consistency and is likely to block your pores. My skin is on the dry side and while I get breakouts here and there, it’s not excessive, so I personally find that shea butter works ok with my skin. However, if your skin is oily and prone to a lot of breakouts, make sure your products don’t include high percentages of shea butter.

Makeup Wipes/Micellar Waters
Makeup wipes and micellar waters are used by a lot of people. They probably seem like the quickest and easiest way to remove grime and product from your face, but they don’t do the job very well! Chances are you’re slapping on your creams and serums with only a partially cleansed face. While micellar waters are praised by many (they may work for you), I’d advise you not to use them as your sole cleansing product. Use a cleanser that you have to wash off with water and a flannel – makeup wipes should only be used for festivals, or when you’re really really pressed for time.

Harsh Exfoliators
This one is also kind of obvious, but also not obvious – in a weird way. We know that scrubbing our faces with abrasive textures can’t be good, but we do it anyway. Yes, it is great to remove any dead skin from our faces but it’s also important to try and keep the Ph. levels balanced. If you’re using a rotating cleansing brush – go easy and use the softest brush – especially if you have sensitive skin. Avoid exfoliants with aggressive beads or particles. As well as being bad for the environment, they will just scratch away at your skin. Not nice. Think of the broken capillaries. Opt for a gentler exfoliator with fine textures.

Disclaimer* – I am no skincare expert. Although I’ve done some thorough research I’m still a novice and these tips are only a guide. Some of the things listed may work great for you, and if so continue using them! By ditching most of the products/ingredients listed above, I’ve found that my skin has improved significantly. You might want to try changing your regime around, because it just might make a lot of difference.

Thanks for reading!
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