So Georgie and Grace have decided to start blogging. Yep, we’re diving in to the giant pool of the blogosphere because we want to write. We both have a lot of similar interests: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, social politics and so on, so that is what we’re going to blog about. We um’d and ah’d about refining the category but we’re not experts on any particular topic and didn’t want to limit ourselves. We just want to share tips and opinions that we have developed (and are still developing). As you have probably gathered, this is just an introductory post – there is much more to come, so keep reading.

About us


I’m a 20 year old student studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Warwick. I love fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc. I’m also notoriously very feminist, so keep an eye out for some related articles. I met Grace in secondary school and she became one of my best friends – that was grossly cheesy, I know. Just to make this sound even more like a cover letter (please hire me), I’m currently aiming towards a career in the media, with particular emphasis on PR, Social Media and/or Journalism. Also it’s important that you know that I love dogs. A lot.


I’m also a 20 year old student studying Sociology at Newcastle University. A lot of people ask me what Sociology is, but I’m still not too sure myself, all I know is that I love my degree. I have a keen interest in beauty, literature, fashion and fitness (even if I’m not particularly good at it). I hope to pursue a career in Publishing and in my spare time enjoy reading books and taking long walks on the beach. I love animals and will usually cry at any cute Facebook videos of them.


So that’s us summarised in a few sentences. We’re not expecting the masses to flock to our posts, we’re just writing because we want to. However, I hope you do stay tuned. We have some interesting and helpful stuff planned.

2016-04-27 (2)


20 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Welcome both of you! I’ll be reading your posts, and I hope you read mine as well, even if it’s radio related lol.


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  3. Welcome to the blogging world. I am new too . I thought I’d follow you as I found your introduction about why you started your blog interesting. Feel free to follow me back 🙂


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